“BOOTCAMP” – Outdoor Group Fitness Sessions

bootcamp1Our “Boot Camp” sessions are outdoor group fitness sessions that aim to improve your overall fitness & health.

Sessions are run in 12 week blocks with 13 fitness sessions offered each week.

These fitness sessions aren’t like your “traditional” bootcamps – there’s no yelling, no camouflage & no abuse if you are late. They are simply group fitness sessions that challenge you & push you to work as hard as you can, not as hard as the fittest person in the group.

bootcamp2We have seen some fantastic results from our outdoor bootcamp group, including 20kg weight losses, “non-runners” completing half marathons & teams entered into the last 5 years of the 100km oxfam trailwalker. We are continually aiming for new goals, big and small to keep us motivated and inspired.

Each session is varied with different locations and different equipment used to keep it interesting and to ensure you are always challenging your body! Sessions can include jogging, boxing, free weights, body weight exercise, yoga, pilates and kettlebell training.
IMG_0461Although you will be training hard, these sessions are suitable for all fitness levels. As these are like a group personal training session, you will be pushed to work to your limit. In return you see results faster than you would on your own. You won’t be left to your own devices like at a gym, each session is fully supervised so that correct technique is used, to minimize injuries and ensure you’re working hard! Benefits of these sessions include weight loss, full body toning, increased cardiovascular fitness, increased strength, improved mood and better self esteem. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!

bootcamp4Generally theses outdoor sessions are held in the area between Chelsea / Patterson Lakes and Mornington, but they vary each week to keep you guessing! Being based in Seaford (Private Indoor Studio is in Seaford), most sessions are in the area, including Carrum & Frankston.

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