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Important tips for group training during Covid-19

While we are very excited to be getting back into training tomorrow after an extended break due to Covid-19, we are still being very cautious and taking every step to maintain the highest levels of hygiene so that everyone stays safe. Some things we are doing: Keeping all sessions outdoors as required-both run and HIIT [...]

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Keeping fit over the cooler months

As we head into winter in Melbourne, it can be a little more challenging to keep the training up as the cold increases and the motivation decreases. This is where habit has to step in. No one is motivated and jumping out of their skin every day. We all have ups and downs. What makes [...]

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Outdoor training is back!

Outdoor training sessions with a maximum of 10 people will start back from this coming Saturday!! Cannot wait to get back into training with everyone. New clients are more than welcome to join us. Saturday will start with a run session, but we will also be running outdoor HIIT workouts for the next few weeks [...]

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Training during COVID-19

The current situation with COVID-19 has seen big changes for all of us, and our training is definitely something that has been impacted. While regular face to face sessions aren't currently running, our group sessions have continued online. Each day the group has a new workout set out to complete! These sessions have been greatly [...]

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Time to start training for run events!

Now is the time to start training for the huge variety of run events that are coming up in Melbourne! We will have groups running at Run for the Kids in March, Run Melbourne in July, Mornington and Sandy Point in September, and of course the big one for the year, Melbourne Marathon. There is [...]

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Consistency is key!

When it comes to success with weight loss and fitness, consistency really is the key. Theres hundreds of ways to train (weights, cardio, classes, running, plus every fad workout known to man) and eat (hello paleo, low card diet, lemon detox diet), but without consistency nothing works. There isn’t a one size fits all for [...]

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Do you need to unwind? ☺️ In this busy, rushed, stressful life, we rarely stop to take a breath & really relax. Continuous stress has shown to contribute to: ✅headaches & migraines ✅weight gain ✅stomach issues ✅insomnia ✅depression & anxiety ✅high blood pressure ✅Heart disease & heart attack ✅Fertility issues ✅Joint pain ✅Inflammatory conditions like [...]

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Keeping fit over Christmas

Christmas can be a crazy time of year-where the meals increase and your free time seems to decrease. But this doesn’t mean that your waistline has to increase too. There’s some simple things you can do to keep on track: - Make exercise a priority every day. Schedule it in, even if it’s just 30 [...]

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Online Fitness Training with HIMF

There’s a lot of talk about “online fitness training” at the moment, every day there seems to be a new program out there, but do you know what it actually is? And how do you know it will help you? Each trainer offers a slightly different program. At HIMF, we offer a very personalised program, [...]

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