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Fitting training into a busy life

Life just gets busier every year. So how do we manage to fit regular exercise in to our lives when there's so much else to do? It is easy to get caught up in the "busy-ness" of life, but we all know that when we execrse and look after our health, we are happier and [...]

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Winter motivation

Winter isn't always the most motivating time of the year when it comes to working out & sticking to a healthy diet. The cold, wind & rain can make the couch & pizza look pretty appealing! What isn't appealing however is how you look & feel after a winter like that! There are some things [...]

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Challenge Fundraiser Day

This coming Saturday we will be running a special fundraiser session at Olivers Hill Frankston to support the Labrador Rescue group. The challenge involves as many laps of Olivers Hill as you can possibly do! Everyone is more than welcome to join us, and both walkers and runners are more than welcome to come along. [...]

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6 week challenge group going strong!

we are currently 2/3 of the way through a 6 week fitness challenge and the group is powering along! The idea of the challenge was to increase the frequency and duration of workouts as well as make some minor improvements in daily habits around nutrition etc. The group have been diligent in posting their workouts [...]

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Saturday at Mordialloc

This morning saw a dedicated little run group run the Mordialloc bay trail for our Saturday session. The 6am group managed to clock just over 20km for the 3 hours! A good run in preparation of so many events coming up. Our Saturday group had a mix of runners and run/walkers so it made for [...]

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Run for the kids 2017

A few weeks ago saw a strong group of HIMF runners complete the 15km run for the kids fun run in Melbourne, which supports the children's hospital. Some were experienced runners, with many a marathon under their belt, and others were brand new to the running event cult! Amazingly though, the entire HIMF group finished [...]

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12 week challenge

Our BIG 12 week challenge starts July 2! This is the chance for you to change your health and fitness for good! Get all the support and motivation you need to be fitter, leaner, stronger and happier. The challenge includes workouts, diet plans, support, weekly challenges and more!!

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