This coming Saturday we will be running a special fundraiser session at Olivers Hill Frankston to support the Labrador Rescue group.

The challenge involves as many laps of Olivers Hill as you can possibly do!

Everyone is more than welcome to join us, and both walkers and runners are more than welcome to come along. Cost is just $15 per person, with all of the money on the day going towards the Labrador Rescue group.

It is a great opportunity to catch up with everyone in the group if you are a current or old member with us, or a chance to meet everyone in a more relaxed environment for those who are new to us and want to see what we are all about. Feel free to bring a friend or the family along, as everyone is welcome and the more people you have to chat to along the way, the longer you will be able to make the trek up and down that hill!!

Please contact me if you have any queries-hope to see a big group at Frankston on Saturday!