Life just gets busier every year.

So how do we manage to fit regular exercise in to our lives when there’s so much else to do? It is easy to get caught up in the “busy-ness” of life, but we all know that when we execrse and look after our health, we are happier and more productive. So here are some tips to help you fit exercise in every day:

* schedule it into your day like you would a meeting or important appointment. Because it is important! Make It a not negotiable part of your day.

* do it first thing in the morning, so that nothing gets in the way. At 6am there are a lot less things to take up your time than there are at 7pm.

* find someone to hold you accountable. Whether it’s a fit friend who will meet you each day, a fitness group who you can meet at a set time, or a trainer who will ensure you get that workout done, having someone to be accountable to makes you much more likely to stick to your workout plans.

* multi task-walk to the shops or to pick the kids up. Do a workout in the park while your kids play. Do a home workout at night time in front of the tv. Workout outside while the kids are at their various sporting activities. Make the most of the time you have by fitting exercise into every day.

For more advice, or for someone to keep you committed, contact us at HIMF today.