Christmas can be a crazy time of year-where the meals increase and your free time seems to decrease. But this doesn’t mean that your waistline has to increase too. There’s some simple things you can do to keep on track:

– Make exercise a priority every day. Schedule it in, even if it’s just 30 mins. Aim for the morning so that it’s done for the day and nothing can get in the way.

– Make your execrise count. If you’re short on time, make your workout intense so that every minute counts. Skipping, burpees, sprints, stair running, step ups-they all are high intensity & get the heart rate up quickly.

– Watch what you eat. If you’re careful and you plan well, you can indulge a little without putting on weight. When you know you have a less than healthy meal coming up, minimise the other meals you have that day. Cutting 100 calories from your other meals gives you a little room to move.

– Take a plate-if it’s family gathering or bbq with friends, take a healthy option so you know you have a back up plan.

– Remember that these events are about the people and not the food! Focus on catching up, talking and having a good time rather than stuffing your face and you won’t have anything to counteract!!