There’s a lot of talk about “online fitness training” at the moment, every day there seems to be a new program out there, but do you know what it actually is? And how do you know it will help you?

Each trainer offers a slightly different program.

At HIMF, we offer a very personalised program, to suit your current fitness level, any injuries or limitations you may have, the time you have and what equipment you have to work with, if any.

To start we get a basic understanding of where you are at fitness wise, and what you want to achieve. From there, you will have a program written up that is specific to you. This may be something you can do at home, the gym or outdoors, depending on your preferences.

Then as you adapt and progress, your program will be upgraded and changed to keep your body working hard and to ensure you keep seeing results.

Who does this suit? Well everyone really! You can incorporate it into your regular workout routine, or you might be a complete beginner and not know where to start. It’s really suitable for every level. The benefit is, you can workout where and when you want, but still have guidance and someone keeping you accountable. It’s also perfect for those stuck at home with kids, those in remote areas without access to a gym, those who work shift work and those who just don’t like the gym environment. You get the expertise of a qualified and experienced trainer, while training somewhere you are comfortable!!

It’s really a win win!

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