Do you need to unwind? ☺️

In this busy, rushed, stressful life, we rarely stop to take a breath & really relax.

Continuous stress has shown to contribute to:

✅headaches & migraines
✅weight gain
✅stomach issues
✅depression & anxiety
✅high blood pressure
✅Heart disease & heart attack
✅Fertility issues
✅Joint pain
✅Inflammatory conditions like psoriasis

Join us for a mini “unwind retreat”, where you can learn how to balance the stress with relaxation techniques such a meditation & yoga, and enjoy an afternoon of healthy calm!

Even small periods of lowered stress (equaling lowered cortisol), is shown to have great benefits to your overall health & happiness.

Make your health a priority & help not only yourself, but those around you to see a more positive you!

Saturday May 11- 11-3pm

$99 if you pay before April!
$109 from April 1