Everyone who improves their health is seeing success

All of the clients who train with us at Health In Motion have improved their health, fitness & well being. Whether they do 1 session a week or train every day, each session is helping them to live a healthier, easier & longer life.

Some amazing results so far:


Since joining our bootcamp sessions, Ian has lost almost 20kg, & is a slimmer, fitter & healthier version of the man we first met. Ian attends several sessions a week, has made some slight adjustments to his diet, & has gone from being a “non-runner”, to completing the 21km half Melbourne Marathon in 2011, in an amazing time of 2 hours. He also completed, with 19 others from the group, the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker event in April 2012. Week by week Ian is still improving, getting quicker on the running, losing a few extra cm’s, & for those who haven’t seen him in a few weeks, he is a changed man. Ian ran the 21km Run Melbourne in July, and in October achieved a new goal of running the full Melbourne Marathon!

Ian Palmer


Sharon was another “non-runner”, who told me when she first started, running to the end of her street was a challenge. Sharon also competed in the Melbourne Marathon festival, completing the 10km run in 1 hour – a great achievement & a huge improvement for an ex-smoker who hadn’t been training for 12 months! She too completed the 100km Oxfam in April. Sharon attends 3-4 sessions each week, & is seeing changes to her body & fitness every week. Sharon also has seen great improvements since attending a weekend detox with us at HIMF as she learned new healthy ways to eat, and after dropping 3kg on the weekend, went on to lose a total of 10kg as a result of the detox!! She completed the 21km Run Melbourne & the 21km Melbourne Half Marathon in October! All this for a “non-runner”!

Sharon Howie


Liz was a regular gym-goer before training with health in motion fitness, making several trips each week to the gym, but not really seeing the results she was after. Since training with HIMF, Liz has lost 20kg, and has transformed herself in so many ways. As well as being 20kg lighter, Liz has toned her body all over – you look at her now and you know that she works out. She is now officially a “runner” – she too didn’t enjoy running but can now comfortably run 8km’s, and enter those fun runs she previously was worried she wouldn’t make it through. Her personality is sunnier and more positive and through her regular training she has maintained her weight for some time now – even with her moments of “chocolate weakness” that occur on a regular basis! She is a testament to what consistent training with HIMF can do for the “normal” person, to help them achieve an amazing level of health & fitness.

Liz Scammell


Rod started training with HIMF in January 2012, after years of no exercise, eating poorly and simply not looking after his health. His goal, with a group of friends, was to complete “Tough Mudder”, an obstacle course event in March 2012. The entire group trained with us at HIMF, and each saw major improvements in their health, fitness & waistlines. After the event (which they all successfully completed!), they have continued to train with us, setting new goals along the way. Rod has, to date, lost 30kg since January, and is now one of the strongest runners in the group! He ran the 21km Run Melbourne in July, with the aim of several more “Tough Mudder” events in the next 6-9 months. He also achieved the goal of the full Melbourne Marathon in October. With 3-4 training sessions a week, he has made a dramatic improvement to his health, his fitness and his life, as well as being an inspiration to those around him.

Rod Currie


Andrea has been training with HIMF for just on 12 months now. In that timeAndrea has gone from a non-exerciser to just recently running the 10km event at Run Melbourne, a distance she comfortably now runs at least once a week, along with 3-4 other group fitness sessions with us including boxing & bootcamp. Andrea has dramatically turned her life around-she has lost close to 30kg, eats healthy, nutritious foods and is a pleasure to be around. Her confidence has soared, and she now happily buys and wears with pride a variety of Lorna Jane outfits-something many women aspire to while losing the weight!!! Andrea credits her change in diet to attending the HIMF “Detox Weekends” where she has learned new recipes for meals for the family as well as healthy snacks she can eat throughout the day. These weekends have also taught her how well she can cope with a full weekend of exercise, easily getting through the 5+ fitness sessions that are run over the weekends! In October, she ran the 1/2 marathon at the Melbourne Marathon festival-another goal checked off the list!

Andrea Rowan


Claire started with HIMF at a detox weekend, mid 2012. She came along with agroup of friends who all wanted to improve their health & fitness-the detox weekend gave her the kick start she needed. “The detox was rock-bottom for me”, were Claire’s words of how she felt prior to starting. From the detox she continued to train with us doing 3 group sessions a week after school drop off. On top of this, Claire improved her diet with meals she had learnt at the detox weekend-salads, lean meat & vegetables, meals that were healthy for both her and her family. Since the detox weekend, with her regular training, she has hit her goal and lost 15kg! She runs almost every day of the week, and she has done this while managing Type 1 diabetes, and a family! Claire proves that there are no excuses-anyone can improve their health & fitness if they make it a priority in their life. She is an inspiration to those around her, and a great motivator for those new to the group.

Claire L’Huillier


Damien started training early in 2012, with Rod, in the hope of participating inTough Mudder. Damien had played sport in the past but work, and being a parent had become a priority and his health and fitness had suffered. Damien got through Tough Mudder Melbourne, no problem, and continued on training 2-3 sessions a week with the group. Since January 2012, he has also participated in Tough Mudder Sydney, 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon and is currently in training for several more events, including the 100km oxfam trailwalker in April. This training has also seen him lose over 20kg! Safe to say he is a changed man!

Damien Cooper

Client Testimonials


“Since starting training with HIMF I have increased my fitness gained   fantastic tips of healthy and clean eating along with great recipes, i always hated running and found it boring and such an effort  i am now a runner i look forward to running and really enjoy it and have just completing my first 10km fun run which I never thought id do!! the sessions are fantastic and always push you and challenge you to go harder, it’s great training in different locations with a fantastic trainer and a great bunch of people that are always there to help, support and cheer you on and most of all have a good laugh with!!”

Jacinta palmer


“Training with Heather and the HIMF group has been a life changing experience for myself. Losing 40kgs and finding a passion for overall fitness and healthy eating has all been down to the motivation, inspiration guidance and support of Heather.
From the one on one personal advice to the fun of group activities and friendships I have forged…. I’m a member for life!!!”

Rod currie


“I love training with himf and have done so for many years now. It is a great group of people who are so supportive and encourage each other no matter what your fitness level is. Led by heather, an inspirational health and fitness professional who really cares for and encourages everyone to achieve their personal goals. Heather educates her clients on everything to do with healthy living and has taught me a lot about diet and exercise including keeping in shape during pregnancy and returning to exercise afterwards. I love the fact that no two sessions are the same and you get to exercise outdoors in some wonderful locations with amazing people!”

Stef Middleton


“Boot camps and group fitness always seemed like a strange option to me when you can just do stuff yourself but since my sister introduced me to the group and Heather there’s no turning back for me. Positivity, motivation, inspirational people to keep you going and living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks Health in motion fitness and Heather Morgan, you rock!”

Guy Pilkington

“I’ve been training with HIMF for about a year and Heather is always pushing me to keep challenging myself and achieve new goals. The support from Heather and the other clients is amazing. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been and I haven’t looked back!”

Jess cook

“Since training with HIMF I have learnt to expect the unexpected! They also taught me to Never ever give up on yourself and we promise to never give up on you. Together we will achieve amazing results so come along for the journey of a lifetime, have fun & make some great friends.”

Carly Rymar


“I have lost 25 kilos with Heather as my trainer. Detox was my kick start and wake up call. It put me into the right mindset. It showed me how to eat to feed my body not just to eat for eating. I love the support that l get, not just from Heather but all of the people she trains. They showed me that l can do things l never thought l could. With there encouragement and heathers training. I have gone from a non runner to someone that has done two fun runs in two months and wants to do a half marathon next year. Thanks heather.”

Mellissa Buchannan


“I have been training with Heather for about 6 years now. She has taught me that training and eating well should be a life style and not just do it when it’s convenient and comfortable for you. She has also taught me to push myself to the pinnacle of my boundaries, thus gaining optimum fitness as well as maintaining a constant weight. In training with Heather I have developed a strong mental strength, which also helps me to cope with my normal day to day challenges. The numerous clients that she has attained over the years, the transformations have been absolutely phenomenal, with fitness as well as weight. With Heathers gentle approach she has created a close knit group of individuals which also makes the training sessions pleasurable as well as challenging. Over the years Heather is not just my trainer, she has become a good friend and confidant.”

Alona Grantham


“A year ago I started training with HIMF to lose weight. My first night I struggled to run 100m, today I completed my 3rd half marathon in a personal best time!! I never wanted to be a runner, now I can’t get enough! To date I have lost 32kg, 30cm around my stomach & 21cm around my waist, easily surpassing all my expectations. I would never have achieved any of this without the amazing Heather Morgan & everyone at HIMF who inspire & encourage me every day. Next, a marathon! Wow, what a year!”

Dean Snaza

“Health in Motion Fitness is a great high energy environment where you can choose between HiT circuit group training and rotate through different workout stations, yoga or group running sessions. Heather will guide you and keep you motivated and the gym is fantastic. The people in the group are friendly, welcoming and encouraging of all levels.

I have been with the group on and off for years and lost X3 baby weight thanks to Heather. I personally enjoy the 6am morning classes to get my workout done for the day and start on a positive.”

– Elisha Lappen

“Great, supportive training group with varying daily sessions that caters for various fitness levels”

– Ian Palmer

“I enjoy the variety, encouragement, setting and achieving my fitness goals and training with a great group of people”
– D.O

“I continue to train with HIMF as I would never do this exercise on my own, and training with this group has helped with my mental health as much as my physical”
– A.F

“The sessions and locations are always different – it keeps it interesting – not like training at the same gym everyday”
– J.H

“The sessions make me feel good, not only physically, but psychologically!”
– D.H

“I love the variety, never doing the same session-we are always kept on our toes!”
– S.C

“Since training with HIMF I have developed a higher level of fitness, lost weight and gained the confidence to tackle running!”
– D.O

“I come back for the challenge of the sessions, the results and the great company”
– S.J