Healthy staff are more productive staff!

At HIMF we offer fitness training within the workplace. This type of training has countless benefits for both the employee and the employer including:

* Convenience of training within the work day so more likely to actually exercise than if it had to be done outside of work hours

* Increases team work and morale within the workplace

* Increases staff productivity, energy levels, enthusiasm for their work and their employer

* Decreases the amount of sick days taken, as well as the number of Workcover claims due to injury and illness

* Improves employee health, both physically and mentally

* Reduces staff turnover as employees appreciate the additional support that is given to them by their employer

Little is required of the workplace or employer to get these sessions running-a small amount of time (30-60minutes) and some available space are all that is required-we do the rest.

There are various options available for your workplace, which are both time and cost effective and which in return will see enormous benefits for both your company and your staff. Please contact us today with any further questions.

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