While we are very excited to be getting back into training tomorrow after an extended break due to Covid-19, we are still being very cautious and taking every step to maintain the highest levels of hygiene so that everyone stays safe.

Some things we are doing:

  • Keeping all sessions outdoors as required-both run and HIIT sessions will all be outside for the time being.
  • Maintaining safe distances during sessions-HIIT classes will be set up with large spacing between each exercise station
  • Adapting workouts to avoid use of equipment-sessions will involve more body weight work and less equipment

Things we need all class participants to do:

  • Bring sweat towels to every session and use them for all exercises
  • Do not come to training if you are not well
  • Keep a safe distance throughout the sessions

If we all are smart about this, we can keep our fitness up and avoid spreading any viruses! Look forward to seeing you all soon!