himf1If you are ready to improve your health & fitness, then yes!

There are various types of people who train at HIMF:

* Those who had been training at a gym or on their own, and want to step up their fitness to a level they weren’t able to achieve on their own. They want to be the very best they can be, and want to be pushed to get there. We help you push yourself to achieve the highest level of fitness you can.

himf2* Those who have a major goal in mind that they want to achieve. This may be a fitness event such as running a marathon, or completing their first 5km, or a social event such as a wedding that they want to look their best for.

HIMF specializes in helping you train for such events, with many successful clients continuing on with their training to aim for bigger and better events! That 10km fun run may turn into the half marathon in 6 months time!

* Those who haven’t trained for a while, and know that training on their own won’t keep them motivated long, so would prefer to train with someone who will keep them on track, and ensure they are accountable.

* Those who are new or returning to exercise and need guidance, advice and some supervision to their training to help them ease into training without causing themselves an injury. This also ensures they see results for their efforts, rather than training in ways that don’t help them achieve their goals.

So really, all types of people train with us at HIMF.

If you are new or want to start gradually, you will be guided gently. If you want to be pushed top your max-have no fear-you will be pushed to the extreme! IMG_2295

The most important thing is that you are committed to achieving the best you possible-you give us the commitment and we will ensure you reach your fitness goals.

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