As we head into winter in Melbourne, it can be a little more challenging to keep the training up as the cold increases and the motivation decreases. This is where habit has to step in. No one is motivated and jumping out of their skin every day. We all have ups and downs. What makes the difference is creating habits and sticking with them. Create the habit of exercising every day, just like you do with showering and brushing your teeth (hopefully!), and it just becomes a non negotiable. Exercise first thing in the morning can be great, because it starts your day with energy and it means that when you get busy during the day, your exercise is already out of the way and its not the thing that gets missed because you ran out of time. So create a new routine-get up a little earlier, add a workout in, and notice how much more energy you have, how much happier you feel, and how much more functional your body is. Give it a try for 1 month, and I guarantee you will be happy with the results!