Variety is the key to our sessions.

Regular training can be challenging for most people, so we aim to keep sessions as interesting as possible, by varying run group locations, training methods & equipment used to ensure both your mind & your body are seeing the benefits of your hard work.

Sessions are not about “boot camp style” yelling and punishment. Yes, they are challenging and yes, you will sweat, but they are also enjoyable, and the aim is to support you in your fitness journey by being there by your side, not standing above you. Amazing results are achieved every week by our clients with this approach.

We offer a mixture of run sessions, coupled with HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions, that provide a balance of strong cardiovascular fitness, along with strengthening workouts to build muscle endurance, tone and prevent injuries. The HIIT sessions are generally indoors and aim to work you as hard as you can go, which provides the best workout in the time provided. There is lots of variety, and the sessions provide a great calorie and fat burn, while improving your muscle tone and strength.

We encourage people to come and try a variety of sessions, to find what they like, as well as to keep the body challenged and changing. Please enquire about trying your first session free if you are new to our group.

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