I have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years, taking both group fitness  & personal training sessions.



I specialize in weight loss, body toning & event training (fun runs, endurance & sporting events), & aim to keep sessions as varied & interesting as possible, to help keep your body guessing & get you the results you are after.

I have a background in health science, group & personal training, sports specific training & sports massage & am continually learning all I can about the latest fitness & health news. I like to try new training methods & techniques, but still believe some of the best training methods are the tried & tested tools we have been using for years.

My approach to health & fitness is quite simple: if you are dedicated & consistent with your training & diet, & you work hard, you will achieve amazing results!

Health & Fitness is a passion for me, & something I live & breathe every day. I train myself every day, as I know how good I feel after a workout, & that I am a better person for being fit, strong & healthy. I also like to train with my clients, & would never expect someone to do something that I couldn’t do myself. I believe in “do as I do”, not just “do as I say”.

I started my own love for fitness at a young age playing both netball and hockey competitively, & played at a state level in Hockey for many years. I also have been involved in the fitness training of state level hockey players in recent years, so have a firm knowledge from both sides of the fence of what it takes to be at your absolute best.

I have a strong background in running & have participated in numerous events each year for the last 8 or so years, including various marathons, ultra marathons and triathlons. I love the challenge of an event, & I love to support my clients to sign up, train for & participate in these events too, as the sense of achievement & what is gained personally is indescribable! I have trained many people who were “non-runners”, to become marathon and ultra marathon runners, & I believe we are all capable of much more than we know. That said, just signing up & completing a 5km run is as amazing & satisfying for many, & something that I equally support. The most important thing to me is that you are dedicated to being your best. If you commit to your training, I can help you achieve your absolute best fitness, & I will do all I can to get you there. At HIMF you are not just a “member”, but a valued client.

Education, qualifications & areas of study:

Education/Health Science – Deakin University

Certificate 4 in Fitness & Personal Training – Chisholm Institute & Fitnation

Group Fitness Instructor – Chisholm Institute

Certificate 4 in massage – Australian College of Natural Medicine

Sports Nutrition – Chisholm Institute

Nutrition for Endurance Training – Chisholm Institute

Mindfulness & Meditation

Level 2 First Aid including CPR