The current situation with COVID-19 has seen big changes for all of us, and our training is definitely something that has been impacted. While regular face to face sessions aren’t currently running, our group sessions have continued online. Each day the group has a new workout set out to complete! These sessions have been greatly embraced by the bravest of the group. Various workout types have been involved- tabata training, drop sets (ever tried doing 100 mountain climbers?!), and HIIT workouts, all that can be done in the comfort of our own homes! On the sunny days these workouts have been taken outdoors, and we have also been making the most of the good weather to continue walking, running, riding and dog walking. Each workout has been shared in the group, so that everyone continues to feel the love and support of their fellow trainees. Theres no excuse not to keep active and I’ve loved the dedication of those in the group still working so hard! Inspirational.