Cleanse your body for a fresh start

detox1To complement all of the training we do throughout the year, we also offer “Detox Bootcamp Weekends”, for when you want to get away, feel refreshed, & focus on your health & fitness.

This is a great option for those who are just starting a fitness program, those returning to training after a break & those who feel they need a bit of a push to eat healthier & move a bit more – A very popular concept at the beginning of the new year! This is also a great opportunity to learn some new healthy recipes, and take some much deserved “me time”.

These weekends are about:

* cleansing the body with healthy, natural food

* avoiding “toxic” foods high in caffeine, sugar and fat

* learning how to prepare these meals for yourself when you return home

* exercise – a variety of different sessions including beach walks, running, yoga & pilates

* relaxation – a chance to unwind, & focus on your health & well being

These sessions are run on the Mornington Peninsula several times per year. Please contact us if you would like further information.

The next weekend detox is March 3-5 and has limited spaces available.  After this, the next weekend will be April 2013. Contact us for more info.

Group Bookings can be made.

Common Questions About The Detox:

Do I have to be super fit to come?

detox2No, these weekends are for all ages and fitness levels. All we ask is that you are willing to push yourself, to your own limits. There is no need to be as fit as anyone else, just the need to be the best you can be.

Will it be a relaxing weekend?

There will be times to relax during the weekend, but in general it is about doing lots of exercise to kick start your fitness and your enthusiasm, and to show you how much you can achieve if you really try. You will do many fitness sessions over the weekend, so don’t expect lazing by the pool and hourly massages!

What if I have special dietary needs?

All food is prepared at the house, and is free from added sugars, fats, meat, dairy, wheat and gluten. It is about detoxing the digestive system, to help cleanse the body, so foods that are hard to digest or that are known to cause irritation to many people will be excluded for the weekend. Other dietary issues can be discussed with the trainer.

What can I expect to learn from the weekend?

detox3You will be shown how to prepare healthy meals, as well as given more recipes to take home. You will also be doing a variety of fitness sessions such as a bootcamp session (minus the yelling!!), beach walks, pilates, boxing & yoga. These may be new to you and open up a new type of exercise that you enjoy and want to continue after the weekend. Many of the exercises can be done at home as part of your own training program.

What have others gained from doing this?

“I have learnt about food, exercise, relaxation and found the strength within me….with a fantastic trainer, beautiful people, wonderful location”. – Andrea

“I am one of those who has consciously decided to stick to the new habits. The weekend was my kickstart and now there’s no looking back. I can’t believe I hadn’t done it before now and I know the weekend was what got me there. So, if you’re thinking maybe, change that to a yes and do yourself a huge favour and go along!” – Sharon

“Relaxation, time for me” – L.J

“New, healthy recipes to take home and try” – P.N

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